Thursday, January 15, 2009

A good Website for hombrewing

Hi guys, this morning I just faound one website which very suitable for those love the hombrewing. This is you can find at where the link is here.
I have seen the Power Supply project in this website. Its very interesting, informative and interactive for us. Try exploring now and yo would find many projects in here, as me myself still looking for others project in here..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

How to make power supply?

Hi this is our first hombrew project. Take into look this project. We should start with something more basic rather than trying something more sofsicated.
Here I found one website how to make your own power supply. Its look more complicated right now. Let me try find another website that more easy to follow. Or I will do my own step by step guide if possible.
Click Here
Try wont regret. If you buy from shop maybe you need to spend RM380 for 1 stable power supply. But this hombrew only cost you RM45 to RM80, depends on the type of computer power supply.
And here is second website to make the same projects. Click now.

Why Hombrew? Why not homebeli..

He he.. hombrew and homebeli is two different words with vice versa meaning. If you can afford of course you can buy anything you likes. But if not you can try homebrew. However in hamradio even you have money you would prefer one day to make your will hombrewing.
This is because bought something from radio shop is not the satisfaction that you are looking for. But your own stuff is the best effort and best decision in your life. That is the best of satisfaction. Try hombrew now and you can start feel the free..feel the satisfaction.

Friday, January 9, 2009

What is homebrew?

Homebrew means create yourself any related ham radio equipment. Homebrew maybe derived from your friends creation, websites, books, or an idea come to create something. I think in Hamradio there basically few homebrew categories that fall into few section.
There are likes:-

Section A
- simple projects and the budget is low. Sample is small antenna, additional speaker to radio,and etc. Furthermore knowledge of this section is less compare to others.
Section B
- intermediate projects is somekind of projects that need extra budget. Its is something you need to buy separately, dislike secti A where you can get the stuff from the second hand items. Sample is power supply,high gain antenna base,and etc.
Section 3
- Highend creation. This is very complicated projects which need more budget, highly risk, more knowledge of electronic, electrical and etc. Sample of this project under this section is repeater, repeater controller, amplifier, and many more.

So which one falls under your interest??

Hi..Assalamualaikum are you today. This is my 4th blog for this coming new year. I have shared with all of you in my previous "" blog, that I wanna to create one blog to shares all about the hombrew project by amateur radio from Malaysia. So hopefully we can used the blog to share all information about technical, cost, and functionality about all homebrew projects.
This blogs will be trying it best to share step by step about the hombrew project. Hopefully anybody following the step can create their own hombrew.
I would easily telling here that I might used broken language and my origin language as this sorry for that!
Senang cerita dalam BM aku akan menulis dalam bahasa inggeris..disamping tengah nak belajar bahasa inggeris so hopefully blog ni jugak akan dapat liputan oleh peminat radio ham dari luar Malaysia.
So where we want to start about. Where I need to find the homebrew project. Me myself not even create and design more than 3 projects currently. Relax!! and stay tune..we will find as many hombrew project as we can.