Monday, September 7, 2009

Projek Echolink pulak..

Dah lama ngidam nak buat menda interface ni...tak sempat dah perkara utama..satu lagi jumpa byk sgt version setting dan diagram kat dlm tak tahu yg mana satu nak pakai..pening..pening

Friday, June 19, 2009

Icom 2200H Modifcation

There are several modification can be done for Icom IC2200H. One of the is the extension of frequency range.
First is to extend RX from 118 to 174mhz.
Method: Move Diode D11 from the board

2nd is to extend TX from 136 to 174Mhz.
method: Move Diode D13 from the board

Good luck and try yourself..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

next projek..he he

Make Your Own Antenna 2

Make Your Own Antenna 1

Technical Classes

We would like to organize technical class for all amateur radio. This class will be hands on basis and 10 percent on theory. Basically we will try to conduct class on anttena, circuit board and cabling.
So we should ask ourself this question:-

1) Do you know how to used solder and make soldering?
2) Do you know how to used test pen??( dont ketawakan me about this..he he)
4) Do you know how to used multimeter?
5) Do you know how to used SWR meter

There are many more technical expertised we should learn as amateur radio but those above is the basic. Ask yourself as 9W2... can you do or familiar with all of them??

So if not should we arrange some clasess to do this???