Wednesday, May 20, 2009

next projek..he he

Make Your Own Antenna 2

Make Your Own Antenna 1

Technical Classes

We would like to organize technical class for all amateur radio. This class will be hands on basis and 10 percent on theory. Basically we will try to conduct class on anttena, circuit board and cabling.
So we should ask ourself this question:-

1) Do you know how to used solder and make soldering?
2) Do you know how to used test pen??( dont ketawakan me about this..he he)
4) Do you know how to used multimeter?
5) Do you know how to used SWR meter

There are many more technical expertised we should learn as amateur radio but those above is the basic. Ask yourself as 9W2... can you do or familiar with all of them??

So if not should we arrange some clasess to do this???

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hombrew Power supply

I have tried to used new kind of power supply. Those power supply normally used in PLC or industries. Where sometimes they call as switching power supply. This model having range from the smallest one to the biggest. I have used the medium one that come with 100Watt, 8 Ampere, and 12Volt. The good about it the power output are adjustable maximum to the 13.5 Watt(used digital multimeter).

step 1. Get this unit from any power supply supplier..the cost is around RM80, depends on models

step 2. make some wiring( 1 life, 1 neutral, 1 earth for the AC input and another life and neutral for the DC Output)

step 3. Now the power is ready to supply the current for your rig

final. just tap all the related wire to the standard input and output.

Try your best..

Friday, May 8, 2009

What to do?

Once we have made decission what kind of homebrew to do, we might confuse what we wanted to do first. There are too many homebrew projects we can do. So which one we should start first. Which project more interesting, more benefecially to us and more value for our own used. Just to name a few we should categorized the homebrew projects in some area or division such as anttena, elctronic projects, or what else??

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laju Gelombang Radio

How long does it take radio waves to travel from Earth to the moon, a
distance of 400 000 kilometers?

Jawapannya: 1.33 second..

he he..caya tak..laju tu..nanti kita pos jawapannya.